Rock Tour Tycoon World Tour 2008

With hard work comes experience... and fame! Rock Tour Tycoon plunges you into the cut-throat world of the music industry. Here is your chance to work with a local band that has the potential to hit it big and race to the top of the charts.

It won't be easy... Along the way you will run into greedy club owners, moody band members, random injuries, and falling record sales.


* Take charge of a local band and learn what it takes to become a player in the industry
* Outfit your band with the latest guitars, drum sets, and sound equipment
* Promote your band with flyers, radio ads, posters, websites,billboards, and tv commercials
* Negotiate your terms with coffee shops, club owners, and stadium promoters throughout the world
* Hire and fire band members who are under-performing or causing problems on the road
* Watch your band play live and find out what your fans have to say...


Part 1 | Part 2
Password: SupperDupper


Anonymous said…
does it allow to save the game?
Other versions available don't
Anonymous said…
somethings wrong, cannot save with xero sum... is a long mission don't have time to finish it in one shot..... there is a patch ?
Anonymous said…
I got a patch directly from the publisher. Email them and they should be able to send to you as well! 10/30/07
Matt said…
Patch is avail at Game Mill Entertainment site.

Patch is not 100% of today the patch only works if you don't buy any promotional items.

Tech support says they are trying to work on it in some the game
Anonymous said…
Gah! Where were ya Matt? An email to GameMill and the promotions bug would have been fixed earlier.
This is one of the Rock Tour devs. No ne of our testers made the connection between promotions and the savegames until just last week. Look for an updated patch soon.

Betcha didn't know that game makers sometimes lurk your sites, eh? =)
Matt said…
Not to be a jerk...but here is a copy of the email I sent to Game Mill on the 8th of this month

I still haven't even gotten a "thanks for your email" from them.

To Whom It May Concern:

First, thank you for such a great game in Rock World Tour. I LOVE this game.

I am having a lot of issues with the game. I did install the patch from your website but problems continue.

The main problem is saving the game. No matter what I do, I can't get the game to save.

The auto save will not work past certain points in the game with any band. I have gotten three saves to work...but they are all at very early points in the band The Lone Oak...I can not get the game to save when I reach higher levels. It is a very VERY frustrating problem to have a 4 star band, a plane, 4 albums, a million dollars, your game (and in most cases it appears to save correctly). Then close the game and open it to find you are back 3 years in the game.

This especially applies when the game crashes.

I also have found some minor problems that could be lived with....if you could SAVE THE GAME! Please help

Matt Carter

1.) The Lone Oak band will write the same song twice. New Germs. I will be on the list to start as the first power song. It will be written for the second album every time as a power song again.

2.) Fans cause a system failure. I was playing the band Avenpitch. We almost sold out the 25,000 seat venue. We gained so many fans that I was not able to "close" the concert recap. The amount of new fans covered it up completely.

3.) Antivirus program crashes flash player. Two times now while playing the game my antivirus software, Norton (latest version), will start a scan and cause the flash player to crash. It brings up a windows error message
Anonymous said…
I found this thread because of the frustrating save bug that it seems everyone is experiencing, hopefully the patch will help cure that problem somewhat..

Anyway, this I can help with:

2.) Fans cause a system failure. I was playing the band Avenpitch. We almost sold out the 25,000 seat venue. We gained so many fans that I was not able to "close" the concert recap. The amount of new fans covered it up completely.

Use 'tab' to cycle through the areas of the page (will appear with a yellow box) until you see it highlight 'close' behind the fans, hit enter and you're back to the map.
Close comes up in the cycle after about 5-6 horizontal lines.

Thanks for your help finding the patch.
Matt said…
I still haven't heard a thing back from Game Mill as far as another patch.

A For now, you can play and save the game (after installing the patch) ONLY if you NEVER buy any promotional items!

Thanks for the trick for the crowd.

Personally I gave up on the game until I can actually play it!
BlackThunderX4 said…
OMG I almost threw my monitor after a 6 hour game session that I saved like 20 times.... The game crashed and to my suprise the save games didn't exist... Nice patch they came up with. You can save the game but don't use all the options or it won't work.. What a piece of crap. You release a game and it isn't even fully functional. It's like releasing a beta version and saying oh the hell with it... I wrote them as well and its been a week and no reply. Not buying anything from them again. Using a flash interface was a dumb idea by the way... Coulda Woulda DIDN'T CARE TO... Nice attitude from a game company...
Matt said…
I'll be honest

I sold the game to a used CD store and uninstalled it

Whoever this "developer" who posted is full of it....and I doubt he does work for fact I doubt anyone works for GameMill

No one has even replied to my initial email over 2 months ago.

I bought my copy legally and enjoy the game...but the crap ass programming and practices of Game Mill have sickened me to the point of NEVER buying their products.
Anonymous said…
How to relase the top-secret misson? Help me please.........
Anonymous said…
i cant download the part 2 please help?
BlackThunderX4 said…
Save your time and forget downloading this. No support to speak of and for what COULD HAVE BEEN A FUN GAME , this is a complete cluster f#@k. The only positive was blaknote and xero sum had some good songs in the game. Other than that, it blows. And a complete flash game ? Flash is buggy as it is at time, why the hell would you do a game in flash and charge 30 bucks nonetheless... Run from anything that is released by Gamemill. You'll thank me later...
Anonymous said…
Is there anyway to save?
Matheus Lynar said…

In order to save the game, first you have to download the game patch here: . It's the lowest link in the right.

Second, DO NOT USE PROMOTIONS. You can't save while using promotions, so if you buy a monthly promotion you can save AFTER it goes off, but websites last forever so if you buy a website, you may say goodbye to your save.

I guess that's all. This could have been a great game if there weren't so many bugs.
Anonymous said…
Is there already a new patch ? Because playing like this is not funny
Anonymous said…
This Bullsh!t, how sells a game that the save feature doesn't work on. I wonder what the better business bureau would think about this? How about the media shares their feeling with the world about this scam.
Anonymous said…
Will somebody write a review on Amazon please? There are no reviews of this game there and so I searched here. Good thing I did! Thanks for the info -- and please, somebody put this info on Amazon so more people don't buy a bum game! Thanks
Anonymous said…
I got to many fans at a concert and I Can't press the "OK" button or something like that.PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Does that using "Tab" thing really work?! haven't tried it yet because Matt said that guy was full of crap. Just thought I'd ask... I had that problem too with the new fans covering up the "close button" That was the farthest I'd EVER gotten in a game! I was MAD!
Bob Georgey said…
Ok... So I keep playing the game, and I get a little far into it, and then one concert, I lose all my fans and the game kinda crashes... As in there is now no such thing as money, and there is no such thing as a fan. I'm not quite sure what the heck is going on, but it would really make me happy if it didn't happen.
Token said…
This game is getting famous from day to day in my blog so now I have update new download links again. If someone don't have it then you can download and play...
Anonymous said…
is there anyway to zoom back into state view after the game so 'helpfully' zooms out?
Anonymous said…
rock tour was good until you get to the final band and the first gig can not highlight due to the van being all over it this sucks, -$32000 dollars later i can move but you wont complete the mission no matter what cause you run out of time and never make the money a banner you dont do a tour and someone steals it anyway only good thing was you have a website.....:P great game shame about the disappointments i have lost interest so much for relaxing thanks Game mill
Anonymous said…
if you get it from big fish games it saves just fine, well mine saves
Anonymous said…
does the map zoom out after the usa? and if how many times and wich maps? has anybody lse than me thought of working on this game? it is a great idea? if we could just fix the bugs and add more options like creating your own band and more subs, alot more instruments custom instruments. buying stores and so on :P i dont have the skills to mess with this game but i wish someone would make a better version :D
DUSAN said…
ok listen... sheesh... if the calendar doesnt go up just go to option and oh yeah! that worx for me always...

now for the saves.. idk anything about them... i just poested here something AND TODAY IS 14th october 2009
sooo if any1 wanna further info or shit SKYPE: dusancan

Anonymous said…
You can save .. but you must not buy promo in the shop .. like website and all them ..
Anonymous said…
How do you install the "Rock Tour Patch 1.2.rar"? It is a .rar file, whatever that is.
Anonymous said…

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