Monday, November 19, 2007

Venture Arctic

PC Game | Tycoon | 22 Mb

Venture Arctic is an interactive ecosystem that you can control as you please. Unlike other Tycoon Games, there are no people in Venture Arctic. You won't have to build hot dog stands, hire janitors, or balance your checkbook. Build your ecosystem however you want to! There are 22 completely unique animals, all with realistic behaviors. Harness the forces of sun, snow, and wind to create balance in these fragile ecosystems of wolves, whales and more!



Anonymous said...

do you please have any of the new big fish games? such as "amazing adventures-the lost tomb" or "dirty dancing" or "mystery case files - madame fate"?? I know that they are very new but can you upload them when you have them??? thank you!

Anonymous said...

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