I.Q. Identity Quest


Solve the riddles of the Puzzle Cube and become a master of memory, logic, language, and more! It's six different games in one! Play Story Mode, where a mysterious storyline will keep you guessing through more than 30 chapters, or Performance Mode, where you can pick the games you want to play and try for a personal best! With more than 65 goals to achieve, I.Q. Identity Quest will keep you on your toes while sharpening your mind! Can you discover the ultimate truth?



Anonymous said…
your blog is the best
thanks for the games

can you please upload again
miss management and the patch for
delicious 2
natalia said…
hi token, please, please upload Jane's Hotel: Family Hero!!!!
Anonymous said…
woulf you ple be able to upload Destiny Architect adn the latest version of Magic farm also if you want i have a reflexive patch that works for the new code if you want me to upload it.

Nick said…
Thank you, just downloaded, neat puzzles

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