Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Lost Treasures of Alexandria


A mystery is buried deep within the sands of time and it`s waiting to be discovered. Join the adventures of Christine, an Archeologist, whose fun-filled journey takes her through the ancient modern times in search of invaluable treasures. Unlock the first chapter of the story and continue the epic quest until the mystery is resolved in The Lost Treasures of Alexandria.


Rapidshare | Megaupload


Ang3l said...

This is the pass: nOMAD
Why u forgot to mention it?
I am your angel! LOL

Token said...

thanks for your help

Sam said...

This game is quite addictive... :)

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Anonymous said...

i can't download the game.. =( is the link already expired?

Token said...

You can download from here

Anonymous said...

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