The Princess Bride


Help Princess Buttercup and Westley manage life on the farm. Can this love struck twosome outsmart Vizzini in a Battle of The Wits? Use teamwork to survive The Fire Swamp, defeat dastardly villains, and concoct miracle remedies. Search for hidden objects with Miracle Max and collect clues to storm the castle. You`ll meet a beloved cast of characters including the fiery Inigo and even Fezzik! Vanquish the evil prince and live happily ever after in this Puzzle classic with five games included.

  • Enjoy 5 movie episodes
  • Inventory collection system
  • Original cast voices



Anonymous said…
Hi, first of all thanks for putting the game up but when I try and unzip it it says enter password, I cant see a password to put in.
Anonymous said…
yeah, a password would be great.

Anonymous said…
password pleaseeee:)
Anonymous said…
Pass: SupperDupper
Anonymous said…
Heya your site it cool.. am linking to your site... would appreciate if u can link back to my site so as help both of us.
Thanks for such a nice game. I also liked Tropico Jonk game on your site.
maki said…
care for exchange link?


add you up..
MOMO said…
Can you post "crazy Machines" game? It is preety cool.

thanks for all the great games,


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