Fashion Apprentice


From New York to Paris, strut your stuff and take the fashion world by storm. Anna is determined to show her point of view while learning the tricks of the trade. Trail Anna`s aunt, a boutique owner, as a Fashion Apprentice in this Hidden Object hunt. Design outfits and build Anna`s line by purchasing power-ups with Glam Points. With determination and talent, will Anna make it to Hollywood and become an in-demand designer to the stars?

  • Stylish Hidden Object play
  • Get Glam Points for power-ups
  • Dress to impress!



aiyna said…
Fashion Apprentice is 100% Safe. No Ad ware or Spy ware. Purchasing is simple, fast and secure. Fashion Apprentice game is distributed as shareware. You can register the game at a cost of $19.99.

Guaranteed ROI
Anonymous said…
i love your blog it is the best ty for puting a lot of games lately and one more question can you put any call of duty

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