Farm Frenzy Pizza Party

In Farm Frenzy Pizza Party you must return to the farm to create pizza ingredients for the town. You`ll start out by growing grass, feeding animals and collecting produce. Have fun working hard and you`ll be mixing up your goods to turn them into ingredients in no time. As you strive to master the game, you`ll fend off bears, purchase buildings that produce different ingredients and upgrade your vehicles. You`ll also enjoy some of the zaniest animations ever created for a casual game!

  • Produce new goods
  • Fend off nasty bears
  • Upgrades for everything!
  • For more farm fun try the original
    Farm Frenzy


Daniel said…
I absolutely love your profile, blog, or whatever this is called. The last game you wrote about reminds me of an old SNES game, I forget the name now, But it was a farming game, too many hours playing that.

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BIki said…
I really love your blog and often visit it. I play Farm Frenzy and like it among the games I play. In Farm Frenzy Pizza Party one needs to return to the farm to create pizza ingredients for the town. I think people who like to cook will love this game.
lucia said…
I don't quite often play games,but this game I like it. As well I recommend another to all of user. Just try it!
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ryu said…
i'm glad you're back~♥
it's great game
thanks a lot
Tukang Nggame said…
I love this game!!
??? said…
wow...this is a good game blog
I love it...
thx u...! =D
tranquilito said…
wonderful and pretty addictive
games said…
Awsome game, I can't stop playing :-)

greetings from Kansas!
Wow!!! That game looks awesome!!! It does look like an SNES game!!!

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Looks like wacky game. I'll download it and give it a try. Thanks
I don't get this game.

Pizza in a farm?? What's the relation?

It would be better if you had to go to a travel to Rome to make some pizza....maybe?


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stock-in-sin said…
hohoho nice play to play when u r free and bore . thanks
Michael B said…
Cool Game, thanks a lot!

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Anonymous said…
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Eka Charisma said…
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Phil said…
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awesome game
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admin said…
I really love this game :)
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I really love to play Farm frenzy. now this version's out i'm gonna play this game too. definitely 5/5 for me!
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