Mystery Masterpiece The Moonstone v1.0.1655-TE

An ancient and priceless piece of jewelry, the Moonstone, has been stolen, and it`s up to you to track it down! Investigate every person who was in the mansion at the time of the crime to solve the mystery and catch the crook, in this Hidden Object game! Explore every room of the mansion to find valuable clues in Mystery Masterpiece – The Moonstone, and return the jewel to its rightful owner.




sonbeam55 said…
Thanks for another new game to play. My AVG virus detected a worm in the download, but I'm taking the chance on it.
Token said…
I think it's OK. I use Kaspersky but it doesn't detect any virus.
FFXI Accounts said…
I would also say thanks for this new game. I particularly like the rich graphics of the backdrop of the game.
Anonymous said…
No pass:
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post, I love playing and downloading games that you post.
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wow gold said…
wow gold nice,i like it.

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