Beer Tycoon

Developed by: Virtual Playground
Published by: Frogster Interactive Pictures
Genre: Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / 3D
Ripped: Nothing
Language: English
Release name: Beer.Tycoon-DVN
Release date: 18.12.2006

In Beer Tycoon you build, staff and manage your very own brewery. Invent new beer recipes from dozens of available ingredients, set them into production, create market leading brands and distribute them to your customers.
Starting with limited funds, build a micro-brewery and learn the craft of the brewer from the ground up in one of three European countries; Germany, the UK or Belgium. Eventually you'll be confident enough to run a high tech industrial scale brewery on a truly massive scale.
BEER TYCOON is playable, entertaining and addictive!
- 50 different ingredients for making a huge variety of beers, all controlled via a detailed brewing interface allowing the selection of base malt, character malt, water type, hops, yeast and novelty flavourings.
- 54 unique characters, with 9 different staff career types and 9 different tourist characters.
- 56 different pieces of brewing equipment, covering all stages of brewing from brewing the mash to fermenting, bottling and delivering the final product
- 7 unique landscapes from 3 countries with dynamic night and day effects
- 63 buildings, covering 3 styles of brewery in 3 different countries
- 3 different types of brewery, starting with small micro brewery, then larger suburban brewery and finally build a huge urban based factory brewery.
- Detailed graphics depicting luscious 3D landscapes, complete with shadows and day and night lighting effects.
- Highly realistic models of real brewing equipment such as Mass Tun, Copper Kettle, fermenting tanks, open fermenting vats, conditioning tanks, bottling and casking machinery.



Anonymous said…
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Relax-Games said…
i've tested part 2 is seem to be ok
Anonymous said…
can you please upload it again....
the file is only 1KB......pls
Token said…
all links is in one text file

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