Mario Forever 4

PC Game | Arcade | 20Mb

Pick up your wrench and grab your hardhat. Mario is back once again, this time in a classic sidescroller akin to the days of Super Mario for Super Nintendo. In this remake, you play Mario, a plumber who's peoples are devistated by the evil Bowser. To save them and bring peace once again to the land, Mario must conquor difficult levels, hoards of enemies and seemingly impossible situations. But you do have one thing going for you. You're Mario!

System Requirements:

OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 64 MB



Gamer said…
download link not working. can reupload? thanks!
happy said…
can u please fix the download link?? i really love to play mario games... thanks a bunch!!!
The Tower of AION

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