Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kung Fu Panda (2008)


* Adventures in the world "Kung-Fu Panda": fully interactive animated story of how the panda
* By becoming a legendary warrior.
* Poigrat can be charming heroes for all future hits studio DreamWorks Animation - to try different styles of kung-fu and use special techniques and skills of each of the seven masters.
* More than a "game of cartoon": the most memorable moments of the movie - and entirely new places and characters with whom you can meet, thirteen passing game levels.
* Among the promised surprises - charming acquaintance with cats-Ninja Sestrichkami Wu, beautiful and mysterious lake Lotosov and many other locations and characters.
* This fun for children and adults!
* Playing the whole family and best friends in the company: multi-command will allow to collect and present a united front against the enemy, or in potyagatsya dexterity and skills in competition with each other on special battle arenas.

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Anonymous said...

rapidshare has already blocked links just to let everyone know

sher said...

no wonder i can't access them, i thought my internet connection having the eror.. has anyone know how to unblock the rapidshare??

Anonymous said...

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