Alice in Wonderland v1.0.1.5-TE

Explore a new world as you meet your favorite characters, and hunt for clues to free Alice and decide the fate of Wonderland! An abandoned house holds the key to the secrets of Wonderland! Hidden Objects and tantalizing puzzles abound as you journey beyond imagination. Meet the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and many others as you try to save the day in Alice in Wonderland!


No Pass!!!
Link Interchangeable!!!


yudsky said…
Is this game also available on Wii version?

I have PC, but I'm rather play a game in console because the simply way it has than PC.

But if this for free I also like it the..he...

thanks the info, I will check the links
Omg this is amazing!
I didn't expect such awesome quality from the game
I like the graphics.
Dave said…
The visuals of this game look really incredible. Very distinct style!
kids games said…
Really cool post. Thanks for the useful information
kza said…
how to install the file?
This game is one of my fav..
adrian said…
Simple yet amazing. The gameplay is good. I'll try this for my kids.
Luca said…
Uhm.. It's nice.

gamegirl said…
Awesome game!
windows 7 said…
Greaaat !!
online games said…
perfect game, great quality.

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