Brain Games Chess v1.0-TE

Brain Games Chess is designed to challenge you and help improve your skills. The unique Scoring System takes into account your opponent, your speed, how often you undo a move and how many hints you ask for, which provides a more precise picture of your chess playing abilities and helps increase your skills. The game will also suggest your next opponent to always make sure you are being challenged.

Play at any level against the program or a friend or use the hints and tutorial to improve your game. With multiple skill levels, Brain Games Chess was designed for beginners and skilled players. Includes 15 game boards with stunning 3-D graphics and 3,000 historical chess matches to learn from.


No Pass!!!


bjnets said…
tanks! i like wor game
shooting games said…
chess is my favorate game, I always play this online, sometimes i win and sometimes I DO lose
IT-BLOG said…
i like war game,
wellcome to my blog
MyFreeGameSpot said…
Hey thank you lol.... I was searching for a good chess come,
Can you add some big action games in your list like spiderman, or shooting based first person games. IT is my small request, it will be appreciated greatly if you add them:).
FlashGameBlog said…
na....... I like the game for only the reason it is simple, i like to play some high levels of games and can you able to add them in your list buddy!
GameSpotBlog said…
hey anybody pls help me, I have downloaded the game and it is 57.3MB and unzipped it, but i couldn't find any installation file, just 13 zip files and a text file and msinfo document. How to install the game?
Salini said…
i like this game because i like puzzles and like this type of movies
Hem said…
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dave said…
I came, I saw, I failed. Really no good at chess!
Nico said…
the graphics is awesome for a chess game. a good one. thanks for sharing it.
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