Disney's Timon - Pumbaa's Jungle

There are 5 games in this particular pack - Hippo Hop, Burper, Sling Shooter, Jungle PinBall and Bug Drop.

The main aim of this game is to let Timon jump onto various "stepping stones" in the river, collecting bugs for Pumbaa's barbeque - all the while avoiding falling in the river. The controls are easy - just use the cursor keys to jump and collect.

This is my second favourite in this pack. Timon shakes a tree which releases bugs which in turn Pumbaa kills with his foul smelling burps - you do have to watch out for the bad bugs though and for heavy fruit and bugs landing on his head or else he will get knocked out!

It's like being at the fair all over again! There are some real (and some fake) targets in the shape of fruit and animals which you must shoot with your berries. The quicker you shoot them the quicker you get to the next level.

A baby's version of Tetris. Match up the coloured bugs and try to beat your opponent by having the least amount of bugs in your trench. Make sure that Pumbaa doesnt eat them all though!

The king of the arcade is brought to life in the jungle with gophers and other animals blocking your way as you try to get the highest score in much the same way as usual. This is my least favourite of them all as there seems to be too much activity going on all the time.



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