PC Game | Puzzle | 19 Mb

Master the Gems, Discover Zen! Quick thinking and clever strategy gets you through the many devious puzzles as Hoshiko seeks the Medallions of Virtue to save his Grandfather's temple. Unlock captivating new worlds while discovering magical power-ups and exciting shoot-and-match gameplay strategies. Master ColorBursts, EnergyBalls, PusherBalls and more in Arcade Mode, then follow Hoshiko into an exciting Adventure across 13 mystical worlds!

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.0 or later
CPU: P3 800



..Remco.. said…
Everytime i download some of your games it all goes well, but then i installed the game, go to the register/"crack" part.
I enter the product code into the keygen, then generate a "unlock" code.
Then i enter the code into the game, submit, then i got this error!

Invalid Unlock Code
You have entered an Unlock Code which is not valid for this game on this computer. Please use the code reissue web page to obtain a new Unlock Code.

Then you can go to this website :

And ask for a new code, by entering your e-mail.

Kindly some explaining for this ....

Token said…
what type of OS you use?
..Remco.. said…
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium ....

Is there any difference in what type of OS your running on with your included keygen ... ?
..Remco.. said…
Still no answer ... ?
Token said…
current keygen is not work in Windows Vista, i will find the proper keygen for u...
Anonymous said…
hi, it works on my pc (Windows Vista Ultimate)

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