X: Beyond the Frontier

Did you ever imagine what Star Wars would be like without the Empire? Or where Star Trek would be without the Klingons? Whether they wanted to or not, the group at Egosoft put together a game that probably comes as close to that as possible. Welcome to the universe of X: Beyond the Frontier. You are thrown into a prototype spacecraft as the world’s first test pilot of such a vehicle. Some preparation tests go wrong and BOOM – next thing you know is you are millions of light years from Earth in the middle of a spacecraft convention. Your mission: to find someway to survive and return home – wherever that is…

X is the first game of its type. A space sim that has all the makings of a choose-your-own-adventure novel. The game is stacked of goodies. X sports a whopping 150 different types of spacecraft and space stations. Up to 10,000 objects float around in an enormous universe – all waiting to be explored. This game is so large, that assuming you are a big enough geek, you could literally live in front of your computer screen for weeks (assuming that somebody is there to deliver the necessary Doritos and Mountain Dew on regular intervals).



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