Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

PC Game | Puzzle/SeekAndFind | 68 Mb

In your fight for the crown you must build a mighty castle, hire an army, crawl through dark dungeons, find great treasures and destroy your rivals! This highly addictive game successfully combines strategy and role-playing game elements to help you achieve this goal. Unlock 12 spectacular, yet very different, scenarios and watch this fantastic adventure come to life! With an easy-to-use interface you will find yourself playing and having fun in no time!

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
CPU: P3 1.0GHz



..Remco.. said…
Just like i said before with another game ... !!!
Your Keygen isn't working!

..Remco.. zei...
Everytime i download some of your games it all goes well, but then i installed the game, go to the register/"crack" part.
I enter the product code into the keygen, then generate a "unlock" code.
Then i enter the code into the game, submit, then i got this error!

Invalid Unlock Code
You have entered an Unlock Code which is not valid for this game on this computer. Please use the code reissue web page to obtain a new Unlock Code.

Then you can go to this website :

And ask for a new code, by entering your e-mail.

Kindly some explaining for this ....


7:00 AM

Token zei...
what type of OS you use?

9:44 AM

..Remco.. zei...
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium ....

Is there any difference in what type of OS your running on with your included keygen ... ?

1:58 AM

..Remco.. zei...
Still no answer ... ?

8:58 PM

Token zei...
current keygen is not work in Windows Vista, i will find the proper keygen for u...

8:46 AM
Token said…
sorry ..remco.. i think that the keygen doesn't work with "Windows Vista Home Pemium". it work very well with Windows XP, can you try on XP?
Anonymous said…
I just tried it with Windows 2000 prof.
But also the keygen is not working.

Thnaks, if someone can help me, please.
win2007 said…
I don't want to be anonym.
win2007 is my nick.

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