Tornado Jockey v1.0

The perfect storm is on the loose ... harness it's energy while picking up objects in its path. Your storm gains force and life by eating mini-tornados and obtaining power-ups. Target different objects like: vehicles, baseball stadiums and drug stores. Steer your storm away from forces like 'Ray Gun Trucks' and 'Radar Bombers' that aim to kill your tornado. You're
at the helm of mother nature's energy, so pick your path and have a little fun!

Game features:
- In-game objects: dairy farms, gas stations, amusement parks, & more
- Enemies like: 'F-Killer rockets', 'Storm Chasers', & 'Ray Cannons'
- Educational facts for: funnels, tornado types, supercells, etc.
- Dynamic game-play, original settings, outstanding special effects!

System requirements:
- Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- DirectX 8.1
- 800 MHz
- 256 MB RAM



Pibka said…
Oh no, rapishare! I have to wait 3 hours... Harm...
Token said…
the link is working well for me...

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