Escape the Museum


Susan Anderson has brought her daughter Caitlin to work for the day at the National Museum of History. What began as an exciting day, ends in devastating suspense when, just after closing, an earthquake rocks the city! The museum is in shambles and Susan must navigate through the maze of displaced artifacts by solving a series of puzzles and recovering the most precious of the museum's collections. Can you help Susan get back to Caitlin and escape the museum together?



Anonymous said…
the patch is not working....well...the entire link isn't working...although...when the game is downloaded it has 60 min play.....

too bad not enough to finish it..hehe..

Could the uploader of this game pls be as kind as to fix full version...(working patch)...

Thank you...

Token said…
i have tested in my pc is working. so what is your OS?

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