Khmer New Year

Dear All,

I would like to let you know that Khmer New Year is coming soon so I'm going to take 10 days as my holiday so if all of you want to request some thing from my blog you just leave your comments and I will reply when I'm back.

For more information about Khmer New Year please visit links below:


Wish all of you have a good luck and happiness,

(Relax-Games Admin)


Anonymous said…
You will be missed! Have a relaxing time and come back to us soon!!!
Thank you for all the games you share so freely.
Carol in Michigan
Anonymous said…
Hi Token:

When you return, would you please consider re-uploading an active link to the game AQUABALL? The link from 2006 has expired and I would really like to play this game.
How about it?
Melissa said…
Thank You for all of your hard work it it MUCH appreciated and have a wonderful Holiday!!!!!
Allie said…
Hi Token, thanks for all these wonderful games. I really wish to get the Go Go Gourmet games, do you have it? Thanks again for your time and hope you have a great hoiday! ^_^
Beach Bum said…
Happy Khmer New Year Token! You have done a great job and I have linked you to my site so other people can see all the goodness you have done to make our relaxing times so much better. I was wondering if you could rig us up with the new Cooking Quest by Bigfish because I played the trial and it was awesome! Thanks :D looking forward to more from u
Anonymous said…
hi token,we miss u a lot,wat is the unlock code for magic farm posted by u,plz help me
Anonymous said…
hi token, have a happy merry Khmer New Year !!
btw, do you have any detective games, like inspector parker or poirot or something like that..? i would really really appreciate them..

your fans.. ;p
erika mae said…
hi token ! is the carrie caregiver 3 working cause i want to play thank you =)enjoy your holiday!

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