Jane's Hotel 2: Family Hero


What would you do, if you had a chance to restore the famous chain of hotels that used to belong to your family? Decide faster… because soon, you would have the opportunity to help Jane to get back her heritage. Rule the hotels in France, England, Japan and on the Canaries. Explore the world’s latest tendencies in hotel business and challenge yourself with a greater goal. No one but you can make the chain of hotels prosper once again.



natalia said…
you are the best of the best!!! thanks!!!!!!!
i´m your number one fan!!!!
FDO said…
Thanks For the File
natalia said…
please upload Cooking Academy
BarnabyJones said…
JH2 is soo much easier than the first. There is absolutely no challenge to it. Beat it over the weekend. Thanks for the file!
Anonymous said…
Can you get Blasterball 3 please?
Anonymous said…
Hello....there....is there any chance for placing POLLY PET DETECTIVE on the blog...plssssss.......I would be so hardly thankfull once again...pls
Anonymous said…
thank you very much for the download. mwah!!!
Anonymous said…
i love it
so much

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